Find Your Future

Art Direction + Branding

USF's Career Services Center needed a new student-facing brand that spoke to students and inspired them to dream big and take advantage of resources and services the center offers. 

Expanding the campaign, we used the Find Your Future messaging to evolve all of our public facing touch points. The brand was built to live on websites, in conference room murals, bookend admissions presentations, and be the student face of the office for years to come. 
Who doesn't love stickers and swag? 
Collaborating with Collette Golden for character illustration, we made stickers and swag that tries to shake the stigma behind anxiety-filled interviews and job applications. Through making sticky notes, webcam covers, cellphone wallets, and stickers we learned that the rock and ruff pug sticker (above) can make any day great.
Making cool giveaways is two-fold. First, it looks awesome. Second, having stuff that looks good makes people want to put it on laptops, water bottles, and backpacks which creates more touch points for our messaging.
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